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La Rocca Pg. 10 ("Lu Sand'Andune")
La Rocca Pg. 11 (La Rocca's Sand'Andune)
La Rocca Pg. 12 (Don Donato Bianco)
"La Portella" or "Casa del Daino"-  a Bed & Breakfast at Fonte Arcione, Roccamorice is owned by Angeline D'Alimonte. A home once belonging to her father Giuseppe, it was renovated by her husband Rocco Pietrangelo and turned into a beautiful place to stay for visitors to the area. To read more about the Casa Del Daino , click here.
"La Roccia"- Bed & Breakfast at Via Cusano, Roccamorice is owned by Maria Carmina Mancini. La Roccia is located on the road which runs between Lettomanoppello and Roccamorice. There is also a restaurant, shown in the photo on the right. It is advised to phone ahead for a reservation. To read more about La Roccia, click here.
Elio Giardini shown inside his restaurant-"Belvedere" located at 12 Via Belvedere in Roccamorice. You can  eat a delicious lunch or supper here accompanied by a lovely view of the area from the many windows in the restaurant. Elio is shown standing beside one of the many stone sculptures inside the restaurant which were done by his son.
"Macchie Di Coco" Restaurant located as shown on the above map by the turn off to the road to Santo Spirito.
"Tholus" - another Bed & Breakfast is located at Via Collarso in Roccamorice. A renovated farmhouse with accompanying original tholus outside.  For more information click here or to read about experiences of staying here, click here.
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