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** Thank you to Donato DiPronio for letting me use material from his book-"Pietro Celestino" and to Blaise DiPronio for his patience and translations**
  The church is located in the area of  Rione della Madonna delle Grazie . Since 1760 it has been referred to by several different names such  as Madonna Delle Grazie , Madonna Delle Grazie e di S.Michele Arcangelo and also  Chiesa della Beata Maria Vergine e di San Rocco . Today it is known simply as Madonna delle Grazie. There must have been an extraordinary event , possibly tied to the miraculous painting of the Madonna (from the 13th century and which is still stored there) that a following developed for the Madonna and the church was formally referred to as Madonna Delle Grazie.
  The Roccolan's devotion to the Madonna delle Grazie is great and exemplary. In both joy and suffering he runs to the sacred image to talk to his Madonna.

   The church is about 15 meters long and 5 meters wide. It has undergone many renovations ; the latest being in 1949 by a group led by Ettore Ventura. They also attempted to reorganize the nearby burial pit which was used as a cemetery from 1868-1881 and is being encroached upon by neighbouring properties.
The altar where a picture of the Madonna Delle Grazie is usually placed. In 1992 when this was taken, the picture was at the Church of San Donato for the festa.
Painting of the Madonna in it's place behind the altar. Photo taken June 2003
Statue in the church called "Madonna delle Salette". It represents the apparition of the Madonna seen by the shepherds Massimino and Melania that occured in Salette, France in 1846.
The painting of the Madonna is carried in the processions during the 3 day festa in August. August 23 is the day to celebrate the Madonna along with San Donato - Aug.24 and San Bartolomeo on Aug.25. 

Click  to read 2 stories by
Blaise DiPronio and Costantino Simone about the Madonna Delle Grazie
This little church of ancient origins is still standing despite years of neglect. Situated at the bottom of the canyon Launelle it sits across from the overlooking Via delle Lisce ( Dialect-liscia= meaning - huge slabs of smooth stone which is uniform in shape)
   The walls of the little church are still sound but the entrance and roof are sadly in need of repair.
Front of the church
  The picture above the altar , which was ordered by a charitable commission from Roccamorice along with it's pastor Don Beniamino Jacobucci and through the  archbishop of Chieti in 1850 ; has deteriorated due to the weather and torn in places by sacriligious hands . It featured gold leaf at the corners . On the right were figures of S. Gioacchino and Sant'Anna and on the left Mary holding the baby Jesus beside  S.Francesco of Assisi dressed in black with The holy spirit and angels  at the top . A qualified and patient restorer may be able to salvage it one day .
Sant'Anna in the ravine as seen from Via Lisce and with Colle Cauto in the top background .
Photo of painting on the side wall taken by Bartolomeo Parete in 2002.
  In Sept.1933 torrential rains resulted in huge flood waters of the Launelle carrying  trees, boulders, etc, which might have destroyed the little church if it hadn't been for a huge boulder  which landed to the side of the church and kept the water flowing away from the church . To this day the little church still stands defiantly even though presently neglected by the Roccolans .
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