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The terrains of San Giorgio consisted initially of a church, small monastery and land situated on a hill about a mile east of Roccamorice. It was offically deeded to the monks from the monastery of Santo Spirito in 1271 after Federico Tollo, the "signore" of Manoppello renounced his ownership in exchange for 100 "fiorini" of gold.  It flourished in size and importance until the state took over in the 19th century and deeded the holdings to private citizens.
    The church was maintained until after WWll when a good portion of the population of Roccamorice emigrated to other countries in order to find a better living. The church fell into disrepair and recently some minor restorations took place but still has not been restored to it's previous splendour.
San Giorgio  as seen from distance in 1992 from the south west.
A slightly different view from the north west of San Giorgio in 2001. The church has had some minor restorations.
Ruins still lying in front of the Church,2001.
Closer view of the new Church,2001
There are actually 2 small churches devoted to Saint Antonio di Padua found in Contrada Limite . The first small chapel is found along the old path (la mulattiera-donkey path) which went down to  the Vallone Launelle and across Lu Punticelle to Roccamorice before the big bridge was built . Constructed by master builder Bartolomeo Rosati in 1920, it was only big enough to hold a small statue of Sant'Antonio .
Small plaque on bottom of altar says "Emetto a divozione di Bartolomeo Rosati 1920".
Today you can find a larger version of a church also located in Contrada Limite and dedicated to Sant'Antonio and constructed in 1925 by Cesidio DiPasquale and his son Bartolomeo ( sopranomme-capobanda= named as such because he was the leader of the local marching band in which he played the trombone)
Plaque on the front of the church.
Altar inside the Sant'Antonio church.
Statue of Sant'Antonio di Padova.
Sant'Antonio di Padova is the patron saint of children , poor people , prisoners , glass blowers , people who have lost something and barren women .
Statue above the altar
In Sept.1760 this church was financed by Don Giuseppe Zambra who was the Barone of this area at the end of Roccamorice . Previously there had been a smaller church there called La Congregazione . In 1770 it was rechristened under the title of SS Annunziata .
Playground and park behind the church in 1992.
Chiesa del Barone
Gates to the little park that have since been torn down to make way for a small roadway for cars.
Partial wall where the ossuary was beside the church. 1992 photo.
  A small playground for children was built adjacent to the church and called "filaseta"- silkweaver( a name chosen to remind of the raising of silkworms which was practised by the roccolans at one time).Part of this area was at one time a small communal cemetery and there is still evidence of the ruins of the walls of the ossuary built in 1786 as verified by an inscription on a door arch."

Over the years it was used as a church but lost its consecration as a church and mass cannot be held there. It was restored in 1986 and  used on a per need basis only ;as a conference/meeting/exposition site otherwise it remains closed. It was a pity that during restorations no provisions were made to restore the stone sphere topped by a weathercock in the shape of a rooster and iron cross which fell due to a lightning strike during a thunderstorm in 1955 . The bells were removed from the campanile in the past century .
Different views inside the Chiesa in 1992 showing the ornate decorations when it was being used as a small museum.
These churches and chapels are testimony to our ancestors great faith. Today we are left to admire these monuments that were realized by sweat and sacrifice ; even though some have become rubble and home to rodents and snakes.
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