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View from Belvedere at La Rocca. See bridge entering Roccamorice from Abatteggio in the  distance. Blaise DiPronio photo.
Small statue of Madonna on wall of house in La Rocca. Blaise DiPronio photo.
Sophia, granddaughter of Domenico Toppi of Lettomanoppello.  Frances Moy photo.
At left is Frances Toppa Moy of the US, visiting cousins in Lu Lette.  Next to her is her cousin Domenico Toppi and his wife, who is a De Matteo.  Far right is Frances' son, Chris. In front is DomenicoToppi's granddaughter,Sophia. Frances Moy photo.
Presepio (nativity scene) at San Donato Church, La Rocca, Christmas 2000. Blaise DiPronio photo.
Leo (Livio) Di Pietrantonio, left, and his brother Giuseppe of Lu Lette; Giuseppe was the grandfather of Joey Di Pietro of Portland ME; he was born in Lu Lette in 1891 and emigrated to Concord NH, USA about 1912.  Joey Di Pietro photo.
Andrea Conte and his wife, Loreta Di Pietrantonio, both from Lu Lette.  They emigrated to Barre VT in the 1920s.  Costantino Conte photo.
Front row center: Loreta Di Pietrantonio and her husband Andrea Conte from Lu Lette, surrounded by their children in Barre VT. Standing, left to right: Costantino, Maria (born in Lu Lette), Concezio, Rosina, Pietro, Nicola-Antonia (born in Lu Lette), Nicolo (born in Lu Lette).  Seated, left to right: Vincenzo, Loreta Di Pietrantonio Conte, Andrea Conte, Nunziatina.  Costantino Conte photo.                     
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