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Camillo Addorio and his wife Carmella Di Matteo from Lettomanoppello.  They emigrated to the US, where their name was inadvertently changed from Addario to Addorio, and they settled in NH.  Pre 1942 photo from Betsy Addorio.
Camillo Addorio and wife Carmella Di Matteo with their children in 1913: Denis (on Carmella's lap), Paul (in front of Camillo; front row left to right: Nicky, Costy, Anna and Tony.
The Addorio family in Portsmouth NH in 1944: back row: Buddy Ricci, Ann and Paul Addorio (husband and wife), Joanne Ricci.  Front row: Chickie Ricci, Costy Addorio, Margaret Ricci, Carmella Di Matteo Addorio, Josephine (Nicky Addorio's wife), Camillo Addorio with granddaughter Denise Addorio in front of him.  The Ricci children are the children of Camillo and Carmella's daughter, Anna Addorio Ricci.
Concezio Di Matteo, born in Lettomanoppello in 1928, raised in Lu Lette and La Rocca, emigrated to Canada in 1952 and finally to the U.S.  He remembers much about the old ways and is a fountain of information!
Antonetta DiNardo(sopranomme-Baurro), wife of Donato Palumbo and children-Antonio, Lina and Graziella. Passport photo taken . Grace Palumbo Eremita photo.
Donato Palumbo(sopranomme-Giornacel), Alpini soldato. Husband of Antonetta DiNardo .  Grace Palumbo Eremita photo.
Alpini soldiers at Abbateggio. Left to right:-unknown (sopranomme - Ciamparani) of San Valentino; unknown; Donato Palumbo (sopranomme-Giornacel) and unknown (sopranomme - Chicotelli) from Abbateggio. Grace Palumbo Eremita photo.
Felice DiGiorgio and husband Antonio Palumbo who lived at Via de la Torre in Roccamorice. Sopranomme was Giornacel.  Grace Palumbo Eremita photo.
Left: Costantino Addario; Right: his brother Antonio Addario, circa 1932; both deceased.  Both were born in Lettomanoppello and emigrated to the US in 1911 with their parents, Valentino Addario and Pasquarosa D'Alfonso.  Costantino was 3 years old when they came, Tony was 1 1/2 and had to be tethered with a rope on the ship after getting lost one day!
Some members of  Palumbo Family and others taken at Via del Torre in 1949.
Older couple in front are Antonio Palumbo (sopranomme-Giornacel) and his wife - Felicia DiGiorgio
Front Row, left to right:
Agostino Palumbo (son of Antonio and Felicia), 3 small boys unknown, (boy in front is Agostino's son-Panfilo), Antonio Palumbo, Gino Palumbo, girl-Angelina (daughter of Concetta Palumbo), Graziella Palumbo, boy unknown, Maria Ventura (wife of Giovanni Palumbo) holding daughter Graziella, Donata Palumbo (wife of Donato D'Alimonte) and Donato Palumbo(son of Antonio and Felicia) .
Back row,left to right:
Graziella DiCarlo (wife of Antonio Palumbo), Giuseppe Palumbo (husband of Angela DiGiovanni), unknown, Maria DiNardo (wife of Giovanni DiNardo), Antonietta DiNardo (wife of Donato Palumbo), Angela DiNardo (wife of Agostino Palumbo), Antonietta D'Onofrio (wife of Camillo DiGiorgio), unknown, Baby unknown, Franco DiGiorgio, Felicia Palumbo (wife of Donato Giansante), Antonietta Palumbo (wife of Ernesto Sanelli), Concetta Menna ( wife of Alberico Palumbo), Anna ____ (wife of Fioravante Palumbo) and Concetta Santangelo (wife of Agostino Palumbo).
Antonio and Felicia had 6 sons- Alberico, Fioravante and Giovanni - already in Canada and Agostino and Donato in Roccamorice and Antonio who was deceased.
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