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Photo taken at the Belvedere in LaRocca, late 1950's. Left to right: Unknown, sopranomme -Giac la Giuditt; Luigi (sopranomme -Varucia); Tomasso Conte (sopranomme - Capitan); Pasquale Conte (sopranomme - DiMenna); Bartolomeo Conte (sopranomme - Cafe); Emidio D'Angelo (sopranomme - Di Camille D'Angelo). Bart Conte photo.
Lucia Rosati and Donato DiNardo- sopranomme=Baurro; grandparents of Grace Palumbo Eremita.They lived in the area of Machiametal in Roccamorice. Grace Palumbo Eremita photo.
Antonio DiClemente, father of Anna DiClemente Simone.Frank Simone photo.
Josie Parete (wife of Bartolomeo ), Graziella D'Alimonte, widow of Alfonso Parete and her grandaughter Barbara.  Photo taken in LaRocca, Sept. 2002 by Bartolomeo Parete.
Grazie DiGiovanni and Giuseppe Santangelo of Roccamorice - grandparents of Bartolomeo Parete. Bart Parete photo.
Bartolomeo DiPaolo , of Roccamorice,  sopranomme - Pantell. He was a   Bersagliere soldier. Father of Antonio, Giuseppe, Gino, Lucia and Rosalia. Antonio DiPaolo photo.
Maria Rosati and Donato Simone of Roccamorice. Photo taken after their marriage in Roccamorice in July,1952.Vic Simone photo.
Four women in Lettomanoppello circa 1950s; does anyone know who they are?  Behind them on the right is the old lavandaria, the public laundry trough in the center of the town, which no longer exists.
Vic (Ettorino) and his mother Maria Rosati and father Donato Simone boarding the boat in Naples to leave for Canada in March,1956. Vic Simone photo.
Donato Simone and Maria Rosati, taken at his father's (Carmine Simone) home in Roccamorice.Vic Simone photo.
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