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Gino D'Urbano, Luigi DiPasquale and Carmine D'Angleo on top of the Maielletta in 1972. Carmine D'Angelo photo.
Wedding day photo of Ornella Parete and Carmine Santangelo taken in Roccamorice. Aunt and uncle of Bartolomeo Parete.
Concetta Pietrangelo( 1914-1988) and Giuseppe D'Alimonte(1910-1994) - grandparents of Connie Brun. They left the Pagliari area of Roccamorice in 1967 to come to Canada.
Anna DiBiase and husband Donato DiPaolo left Roccamorice for New York State in the early 1900's. They have descendants in Italy as well as the U.S. Photo from Elcina DiPaolo Miller.
Meeting at Via Ruggieri in Roccamorice- left to right- Donato DiPronio, Sara Addario, Bonnie Rulli, Joe Addario, Don Jean Paul of Campotosto (friend of Joe and Sara) and Donato Rulli.
Camillo D'Alfonso (born abt 1880) and his sister Domenica D'Alfonso (born abt. 1885), both of  Lettomanoppello.  The great-uncle and great-aunt of Joe Addario. Domenica married Domenico Centurione of Manoppello. Sandrino Centurione photos.
In Manoppello: Olivetta Centurione, cousin Joe Addario, Olivetta's brother Sandrino Centurione, and Sandrino's wife.  Olivetta and Sandrino are the children of Domenica D'Alfonso, in the photo at left. September 2004.
Wedding photo of Sandrino Centurione; he and his wife are pictured in the color photo above.  He was 20 years old when married and is 78 now. Sandrino Centurione photo.
Above left: Donato Centurione of Manoppello Scalo, great-grandson of Domenica D'Alfonso, whose photo is above, with her brother Camillo's.

Donato is married to Sandra Addario, pictured above right with her father, Vittorio Addario of Manoppello Scalo (his father is Sante Addario of Lettomanoppello), and her mother Elisa Mancini, who came from Lettomanoppello.

At right is Sondra between her two daughters, Debora and Amber.

September 2004.
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