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Elisabettta DiCarlo (nickname-Cucillo), Giuseppe D'Alimonte from Toronto and Bartolomeo Stella (husband of Elisabetta) at via la ravote in Pagliari area of Roccamorice.
Donato Emidio Stella and wife Domenica D'Alimonte at via la ravote in Pagliari area of Roccamorice. Donato is a brother of Bartolomeo. It was a wonderful meeting with Donato Rulli of Canada because Antonio Rulli (his father) had been in the army and WW ll with Donato Stella. Antonio did not know how to read or write so Donato Stella would read and write his letters to his wife back home.
Agostino D'Ascanio of Costa dell Colle building a stone wall as farmers have done for generations.
COUSINS!  While visiting at Fonte Arcione in Roccamorice you never know who will turn up. Left to right - Donata Giansante (nickname-Roschit)  wife of Donato Pietrangelo, Maria Ceccomancini (wife of Rocco), Luisa Simone (nickname-Scututz) wife of late Agostin Pietrangelo, Rocco Rosati of New York and Donato Rulli of Canada. Rocco and Luisa are first cousins and Donato is 3rd cousin to Rocco and Luisa. September 2004
Alfonso Mancini of Lettomanoppello, circa 1900, son of Nunzio Mancini, who was the son of Camillo Mancini.  Alfonso is the grandfather of Antonietta Conte of Lettomanoppello, pictured here.  Her children operate La Noce restaurant in Lettomanoppello.
Alfonso worked in the mine in Lettomanoppello,
where he blew a whistle to signal the men to drop loads, whereby he was given the nickname "scarcarell' "

This photo from Massimo Carella in Wisconsin shows butchering in Lettomanoppello many years ago.  At far left is Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and at far right is Vincenzo Di Pietrantonio, brothers of Giuseppe Di Pietrantonio who was a butcher in Lettomanoppello (see Lettomanoppello Pg. 34 for more about Giuseppe and his family).  Third from the left is Aldo Di Pietrantonio and third from the right is Carlo Di Pietrantonio, both sons of Giuseppe. 
Photos above Pasqualina Conte and her children.  She was the  wife of Giuseppe di Pietrantonio of Lettomanoppello (see Lettomanoppello Pg. 34 for more about this family) and sister-in-law to Giacinto and Vincenzo Di Pietrantonio in the butchering photo on this page.  She and her husband had 19 children, 12 of whom lived to adulthood.  In the photo at left the children are, from the back row left: Remo, Livio, Camillo.  Bottom (from left to right): Germano,
Antoinetta (on Pasqualina's lap), Eva, and Italia.  In the photo at right are the rest of the children: Top (from left to right): Antonietta, Aldo, Maria.  Bottom (from left to right): Franco, Pina, Carlo.  Massimo Carella photo.
In Lettomanoppello, Concettina Di Pietrantonio, sister of Giacinto and Vincenzo shown in the butchering photo on this page, and sister-in-law to Pasqualina Conte, shown above with her children. Massimo Carella photo.
Joe Addario (right) with Luciano D'Alfonso in front of La Noce in Lettomanoppello.  Luciano is the Mayor of Pescara and is from Lettomanoppello.  August 2004
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