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Pictures on this page provided by Eleonora DiGiovanni, daughter of Rocco DiGiovanni born in Roccamorice.
Rocco DiGiovanni -his first communion.
Silvino DeSantis, grandfather of Eleonora.
Giovina DeSantis, Eleonora's mother  - her first communion.
My father's siblings from left to right they are: Vittorio Di Giovanni, Maria Di Giovanni (Molella), Mario Di Giovanni, Rocco Di Giovanni and Biagio Di Giovanni. Circa 1950.
Rocco DiGiovanni (right) and his late brother Giuseppe of Roccamorice
Rocco DiGiovanni (right) and his nephew Agostino DiGiovanni at San Bartolomeo.
Giovina DeSantis and Rocco DiGiovanni on their wedding day- January 23, 1965.
(Eleonora's parents)
Grandparents-my mother's parents, (Chiara Zaccagnini & Silvino De Santis) from Abbatteggio
Grandparents- my father's parents, (Anna D'Angelo & Agostino Di Giovanni) from Roccamorice
DiGiovanni Family  in Roccamorice in front of my grandparents house. It is "alle piane della madonna".  The street is called "via madonna delle grazie".  Circa1956.

Top Row: Giuseppe DiGiovanni, Rosalia DiGiovanni, Elia (DiGiovanni) Palusci, Agostino DiGiovanni, Rocco DiGiovanni & Anna (D'Angelo) DiGiovanni

Bottom Row: Gianni Palusci, Fiorenzo Palusci, Antonietta DiGiovanni, Giuliana Palusci, Annamaria DiGiovanni, Alberto DiGiovanni & Agostino DiGiovanni
My grandparents 50th anniversary was in January 1975.  The names of everyone are as follows from left to right:
Top Row: Maria (DiGiovanni) Molella, Biagio DiGiovanni, Elia (DiGiovanni) Palusci, Agostino DiGiovanni, Anna (D'Angelo) DiGiovanni, Giuseppe DiGiovanni, and Antonio DiGiovanni
Bottom Row: Vittorio DiGiovanni, Alberto DiGiovanni, Rocco DiGiovanni, Santino DiGiovanni and Mario DiGiovanni
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