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Costantino Conte's uncle, Rizziero Di Pietrantonio, and his bride; Rizziero was the son of Vincenzo Di Pietrantonio and Rosa Di Fazio of Lu Lette. Probably taken during the 1940s.  Costantino Conte photo.
Some of Costantino Conte's  Di Pietrantonio relatives, soprannome "Le Crine," in Lu Lette; 1961.  Costantino Conte photo.
Sante di Matteo, who lived in both Lu Lette and La Rocca.  He played in Mussolini's band in Rome for 9 years.  Costantino Conte photo.
Bartolomeo Conte and donkey at La Rocca; 1961.
Donato Rulli and daughter Catherine with cousins Donato (ciocolell) and Palmerina DiPasquale at Costa Del Colle, La Rocca; 1992.
Assunta (Dalimonte) Conte in front of the doors of the Santo Spirito hermitage; 1967.
Inestra or Ginestra plant, which grows wild around Lu Lette and La Rocca. The branches are sometimes used to make baskets for cheese, or when dried and lit on fire they are much like our "sparklers."  This plant is being grown in Ontario, Canada by Donato Rulli and was started from seed that came from La Rocca in 1992.
Francesco, Rocco and Paolo DiCarlo of La Rocca; early 1920s. Originally from San Martino (a neighbour of La Rocca), they moved closer to La Rocca to an area called "La Scalelle".
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