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Concezio Conte, brother of Antonio Conte.  Costantino Conte photo.
Antonio Conte (soprannome Tamburra) of Lettomanoppello.  Above, in his Bresaglieri uniform.  At right, with his family: wife Camilla, children Petronilla and Concezio. Costantino Conte photos.
Left: Orazio Conti and his wife, Maria Conte, of Lu Lette.  Maria was the sister of Antonio Conte, pictured at the top of the page.  She and her husband came to the US in 1910 and ran a bar in Barre, Vermont.  Above: Maria Conte. Costantino Conte photos.
Wedding photo of Antonietta Santangelo and Giuseppe Parete, July 29,1943 in Roccamorice. Bartolomeo Parete photo.
Giuseppe Parete holding donkey with sons Mario and Bartolomeo in the saddle. Aunt Ornella Parete Santangelo standing beside with niece Anna Maria Parete. Taken in 1953 in front of Bar D'Alimonte, Roccamorice after taking some grain to the "Molino" to make into flour. A fresh bag of flour is hanging from the saddle. Bartolomeo Parete photo.
Emanuele Simone of Lettomanoppello, seated, helping friend Don Jean Paul with his laptop.
A celebration at the Memorial Park, across from the Belvedere restaurant in Roccamorice, for soldiers who died in World War l. Bartolomeo Parete photo.
Parade of former Alpine soldiers at Roccamorice.  Bartolomeo Parete photo.
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