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A good place to stay when visiting in the area is the Hotel/Restaurant Mamma Rosa, located at La Majelletta, at an elevation of 5300 feet, about 15 minutes by car above Lu Lette and La Rocca.  It is pleasantly cool up there even when hot down below.  At the top of the mountain, above the hotel, are footpaths leading to the Tavola dei Briganti and to other mountain peaks.  In winter, there is skiing at La Majelletta, as well as at Passo Lanciano, just below La Majelletta.  To visit Mamma Rosa's website, click here.
Looking down at the village of La Majelletta and Mamma Rosa's from higher up on the mountain.  There is skiing here in winter; the ski lift starts near the hotel.
Set in grassy meadows, in summer Mamma Rosa's is surrounded by grazing flocks of sheep and goats.  The flock in this picture is immediately behind the hotel.
Looking up the mountain from Mamma Rosa's; a flock of sheep coming down the mountainside to drink at the watering trough behind the hotel.  In the background you can see the towers of the ski lift; in winter, snow and skiers replace the sheep.
Mamma Rosa's in winter.  Tomba, the Italian Olympic skier, taught skiing here at La Majelletta.
A gorgeous late-July sunrise, seen from Mamma Rosa's.  Beneath the clouds, several thousand feet down the mountain, lie Lu Lette and La Rocca, and below them, the broad Pescara Valley.
In addition to hiking and skiing, rockclimbing is also a popular activity on the mountain.  Here is a climber on the cliffs near the Eremo di Santo Spirito, just above La Rocca.  There is a climbing school at Roccamorice.
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