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Your hosts for this website: Sara Addario (wife of Giuseppe Addario whose family is from Lu Lette), Bonnie Rulli (wife of Donato Rulli  who was born in La Rocca) and Costantino Conte, our singer, storyteller, language consultant and helper in every way, whose family is also from Lu Lette.
Donato Conte (Nickname: Cafe) of La Rocca; 1930s.
Chiara (Rulli) Pietrangelo of La Rocca. She was well known for healing people with leeches.
Donato D'Angelo and Filomena D'Angelo
(grandparents of Bartolomeo Conte) of La Rocca.
L'Alpino Army soldiers - Gino DiPronio of La Rocca on the right.
Men sitting at Bar D'Alimonte in La Rocca,1999.
Parents of Costantino Conte, Andrea Conte and  Loreta DiPietrantonio of Lu Lette; probably taken early 1920's before they emigrated to the U.S.  Costantino Conte photo. Vincenzo DiPietrantonio and Giulia Capecci of Lu Lette, grandfather and step-grandmother of Costantino Conte. Rosa Di Fazio, Vincenzo's first wife, passed away in 1921. Costantino Conte photo.
House on Via Torrone, Lu Lette, where Costantino Conte's mother, Loreta DiPietrantonio, was born. Her father, Vincenzo, came to the U.S. to New Jersey twice  to earn money to finish building this house.
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