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Donata D'Alfonso and her husband Nicola D'Alfonso of Lettomanoppello, grandparents of Connie Brun.  Nicola was the son of Giuseppe D'Alfonso and Costanta Iacovone; Donata was the daughter of Rocco D'Alfonso.
Connie Brun photo.
Nunziatina Di Lallo, widow of Nicolo Conte of Lu Lette; she emigrated from Lu Lette to Vermont during the 1920s, when she was 64 years old.
Costantino Conte photo.
Angelica Di Pietrantonio of Chieti, gr.daughter of Fiore Di Pietrantonio of Lu Lette, who is the brother of Carmella Di Pietrantonio pictured at far right.
Carmella Di Pietrantonio and husband Domenico Trovarelli of Lu Lette; daughter of Vincenzo Di Pietrantonio (his photo on Scrapbook Pg.1).  Their son Mario emigrated to Belgium, their daugher Nicoletta and son Antonio (his photo is below) to Australia; their daughter Giuseppina (photo on Scrapbook Pg. 15 ) lives in Alanno, province of Pescara, near Lu Lette, and their son Sante had a shoe store in Lu Lette (photo on Lu Lette pg.11 ); he retired in 2001.
Valentino Addario in 1937; he emigrated from Lu Lette to New Hampshire, USA in 1910.
Antonio Trovarelli and his wife in Tasmania.  Antonio is the son of Domenico Trovarelli and Carmella Di Pietrantonio of Lettomanoppello (photo above); he emigrated to Tasmania in 1963.  Dano Trovarelli photo. 
Diego Di Pietrantonio of Lettomanoppello (family nickname La Torre) and his fiance Daniela Di Mascio (family nickname Battmanz), also from Lu Lette.  They will be married in June 2002.
Joe and Sara Addario visiting Dino Addario and his wife Lorella Di Labio at their home in Pescara; they are from Lu Lette. Dino is the son of Lindoro Addario and Assunta Di Primio of Lu Lette; he has to be related to Joe, but we don't know how, yet.  Dino is on the left and Lorella is 3rd from left.  2000 photo.
Dinner at Dino and Lorella's home with their two children, Ruhuth and Geldi, and with Emanuele Simone and Lucia D'Alfonso of Lu Lette, and Don Jean Paul Matoe.  Sono spiacente che ho fatto la vostra foto quando avevi dato una strizzato l'occhio a Dino, Lorella!  (Sorry I caught you winking at Dino, Lorella!)  ;o)  2000 photo.
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