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New this year (2001) throughout Abruzzo are 'Le Vie della Transumanza' signs (literally 'the roads of the seasonal migrations of the flocks').  These signs mark historical points of interest relating to the transumanza throughout interior rural Abruzzo and they are part of an effort to increase tourism in the area. This one is in Lettomanoppello and points out a path to the Grotta S. Angelo, a cave which was the site of an 11th century hermitage, and which was also the site where, in the old days, the flocks were gathered and blessed in the spring before ascending to the high mountain pastures where they would spend the summer.
Dan and Bonnie Rulli with Dan's cousin Donato Di Pasquale of Roccamorice and Donato's son Renato of San Valentino at Costa Dell Colle, Roccamorice.  Sept. 2001
Dan Rulli with his cousin Donato DiPasquale and Donato's wife Palmerina DiDomenico of Costa Dell Colle, Roccamorice; Joe and Sara Addario on the right.
September 2001: Snow-capped Maiella, seen from the abbey at San Clemente a Casauria, not far from Lettomanoppello and Roccamorice.
September 2001: Dinner at the home of Patrizia Addario Blasioli in Manoppello Scalo; Patrizia's grandparents are from Lu Lette. Left to right: Vittorio Addario (father of Patrizia and son of Sante Addario of Lu Lette at far right), Signore Blasioi, father of Marcello Blasioli who is to his left; next to Marcello is his wife Patrizia Addario and her mother Elise. Next are Marcello's mother, then the sister-in-law of Anna Di Renzo Addario, and then Anna di Renzo Addario and her husband Sante Addario of Lettomanoppello.
Antonio Conte, grandfather of Fernanda DeTavernier, seated in the middle with brothers Giuseppe and Camillo on either side. Taken about 1916 when Antonio was 21 years old.
View from near Blockhaus at the top of the mountain, above Lettomanoppello.
Dan and Bonnie Rulli with Addarios and Ferrantes, enjoying a 'first plate' of ravioli and gnocchi at Zi Camillo's Restaurant in Lettomanoppello.  September 2001
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