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White rock near the the hermitage of Santo Spirito, seen from Bloc-Haus. It is called "la Liscia Sulagnana' in dialect, "Flat Rock" in English.
Closer view of the white rock as seen across the ravine at Santo Spirito, with 'hoofprints".  (See the story below) The ravine  in front is called "La Fosse de canalone."
There is a legend regarding this flat white rock:  Saint Peter, Saint Bartolomeo and Saint Giovanni were always being followed by the devil, and as they attempted to build churches the devil would tear them down.  The devil followed San Giovanni across the white rock but was unable to cross and fell into the ravine.  The legend says that San Giovanni's donkey left the hoofprints in the rock which are visible today, and that  San Bartolomeo and Saint Peter remained on this side of the ravine and built the hermitages of San Bartolomeo and Santo Spirito, while San Giovanni built his hermitage on the other side, near Decontra.
At left is Giovanni Ferranti and across from him holding their son Massimo is his wife, Giuseppina D'Alfonso. The boy in front of Giuseppina is their older son, Italo.  The family is from Lettomanoppello, and the photo was taken on May 2, 1970, the day of their departure from Naples to the United States aboard the Greek ship Queen Mary.  They settled in the US, in Delaware.  Lucia D'Alfonso photo
Joe Rulli and cousins Pietro and Donato Pietrangelo talking at Fonte Arcione with Fulonilla Rosati (nickname Fridzel) in 1999.
Front and back of a bronze medal of honor awarded to Francesco Palanza of Lettomanoppello in 1916 for the Battle of Gorizia, in northeastern Italy.  Peter Palanza photo.
Antonietta DiNardo, (Rita DiNardo's aunt) and others at Santo Spirito. Rita DiNardo photo.
Taken at Santo Spirito.
Left to right- Donatantonio DiRocco (TaiaTaia), Severino Palumbo, Francesco DiGiorgio (Zi Cicco) custodian of Santo Spirito, ?   Giansante ?, Giuseppe D'Aurizio (Peppone), man in white hat unknown, Giovanni DiPronio, Donato Emidio DiNardo (Mimi) father of Rita DiNardo and Agostino Parete who was the barber in Roccamorice.
Giovanni DiPronio is the only one still alive at this time-2003.
Rita DiNardo photo.
Donato DiNardo with his mother, Anna DiMillo, on the left and his sister, Antonietta DiNardo, on the right. Rita DiNardo photo
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