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Group of working women in Roccamorice taken about 1950.
Left to right: Graziella D'Alimonte,wife of Carmine Simone; Rosalia Rosati (sopranomme - Vitantonio); Lucia, wife of Antonio DiPasquale; Marietta (sopranomme - DiMacanaria); Marietta (sopranomme -Vitantonio); Maria (sopranomme DiMadia or Crescenza); Maria Simone ( wife of Agostino D'Urbano) and Pasquale Rosati ( brother of Rosalia (sopranomme - Palmuce or Vitantonio)  Anna
Simone DiClemente photo.
Concetta DiClemente and Domenico DiClemente, parents of Serafino DiClemente.  Anna Simone DiClemente photo.
Serafino DiClemente- Reggimento Arttilieria di Compania Division Friuli. Photo taken about 1945-48. Serafino is the husband of Anna Simone. Anna Simone DiClemente photo.
Rosalia DiPaolo (sopranomme-Pantell-wife of Donato D'Alimonte); Francesca (sopranomme-Varratta) - wife of Serena (sopranomme-Palmantonio); Anna Simone - wife of Serafino DiClemente  and Maria Rosati (sopranomme-Fusare) -wife of __DiClemente (sopranomme-Fetende) Photo taken about 1951. Rosalia is wearing a sweater that Anna worked all summer to pay for. The girls took turns wearing the sweater and having their picrure taken wearing it.  Anna Simone DiClemente photo.
Agostino DiPasquale (sopranomme -Le Ricci), born in Roccamorice and his wife Maria DiRocco, born in Manoppello. Now living in Belgium. Lorenzo DiPasquale photo.
Justina Nicola, mother of Agostino DiPasquale. Lorenzo DiPasquale photo.
A younger Agostino DiPasquale of Roccamorice. Lorenzo DiPasquale photo.
Above: Camillo "Tommy" Ferrante of Lettomanoppello and his wife Maria Addario, whose parents came from Lettomanoppello.  Photo circa 1960.
At right: Maria Addario Ferrante and her first two children, Larry and Tony, twins, 1930s.
Taken at San Bartolomeo in 1967- Maria DiRocco DiPasquale, Antonio DiMillo -son of Bartolomeo DiMillo on the right. Bartolomeo's sopranomme was Zorro. He was married to Domenica DiPasquale-sister of Agostino. Lorenzo DiPasquale photo.
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