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Andrea Conte of Lettomanoppello, now deceased, who settled in VT.  Father of Costantino Conte and of Concezio Conte, at right and below.  Above Andrea is a photo of his brother Antonio in his bersagliere uniform.
Newpaper photo of Concezio Conte, son of Andrea Conte of Lettomanoppello.
Concezio Conte and wife Ronnie making carbonata, a vegetable antipasto the primary ingredient of which is eggplant.
View along the path to San Bartolomeo, just outside Roccamorice, June 2003.  Jinestra in bloom everywhere, perfuming the air!
At San Bartolomeo, June 2003.  A young zampognaro (bagpiper) from the zampognaro school in Chieti, dressed as a shepherd of old.
Nino Di Pietrantonio, an interesting resident of Lettomanoppello.  See Lu Lette Pg. 29.    June 2003 photo
A fragment of fresco on the walls of Santo Spirito, Roccamorice, showing Pope Celestino V.
Giovanni (John) Dalimonte (sopranomme-LaTotere)  and his wife Graziella (nee Rosati). Photo taken 1989. Parents of Santina Conte, Lucy DiCarlo, Dan, Frank and Tony Dalimonte.
Graziella Rosati and her new husband Giovanni Dalimonte on their wedding day-Feb.22,1940. The family emigrated from Roccamorice to Ontario, Canada.
Anna Saveria Dalimonte and her husband Cesidio Rulli. They emigrated from Roccamorice to Webster, Mass.
Donato Conte (sopranomme-Caffe) and his wife Marietta D'Angelo of Via Collarso, Roccamorice. Parents of Donato, Giovanni, Bartolomeo, Angelina Menna and Assunta Dalimonte.
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