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Danielle Dalimonte and Giuseppe D'Ascanio on their wedding day in Roccamorice, May 31,2003.
Photos of wedding courtesy of Remo DiPaolo.
Anna, Danielle and Olivia-daughters of the late Rosalia DiPaolo and Donato D'Alimonte at Santo Spirito on occasion of Danielle's wedding.
Remo DiPaolo , cousin of the bride,on right and his wife Linda on the left with the bride and groom- Danielle and Giuseppe.
Remo DiPaolo in the center with family friends - Angelina and Ferrante Palumbo of Roccamorice.
Part of the 'cieco lupo' Addario family of Lu Lette, now living in Manoppello Scalo.  At left, Patrizia Addario Blasioli; to her left, kneeling, her father Vittorio Addario with her son Alexander.  Behind Patrizia is her mother Elisa Mancini from Lu Lette and Joe and Sara Addario and friends from the U.S. July 2003. Antonio Di Pietrantonio and his daughter Cristina in front of the family restaurant, La Noce, in Lettomanoppello.  They now have 3 hotel rooms over the restaurant, and 3 more in progress - the first hotel in Lettomanoppello!!  Julu 2003.
Giuseppe Parete and his son Bartolomeo with Anna Rosati (La Pantalone) .She owned and operated the grocery store in La Rocca.  The store was in the right corner at Via Horatis and Corso Umberto I.  Above her store is a plaque commemorating the War heroes. Bartolomeo Parete photo.
Two Carrabinieri on duty at the Festa in Roccamorice in August 2003. Bartolomeo Parete photo.
Andrea Conte, who emigrated from Lettomanoppello to the US and who was the father of our singer/accordianist Costantino Conte, was awarded this certificate and medal in 1912 by the Italian government for his service in the war against Turkey.
"Ballo della Pupa" (Dance of the Doll) in Lettomanoppello, July 2003. This "dancing doll" fireworks display is the traditional ending for many festas in Italy.
It is an ancient tradition, tracing back to pre-Christian fertility rites to insure bountiful harvests, which is why the pupa is always a voluptuous female figure.
View from Costa dell Colle, Roccamorice, showing San Giorgio Church in bottom left corner and in the distance the towns of Lettomanoppello and Turrivalignani. Remo DiPaolo photo.
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