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Belvedere at Roccamorice showing the new sidewalks, Le Barone  and San Donato Church roof in front of the bell tower.
Dan Santangelo photo 2004
Fonte Carzillo at the bottom of Fossa S. Angelo in Lettomanoppello, near the Grotta S. Angelo, where once there was an ancient little hermitage.
Andrea Menna of Toronto and some of the locals at the Festa in Roccamorice, August 2002. Andrea Menna photo.
Andrea Menna seated at Bar Cafarelli in Roccamorice while the local band plays during Festa 2002. Andrea Menna photo.
Area called Costa Cagne, Roccamorice. 2004.
Lucia D'Alfonso and Mario Cannavina of Lettomanoppello, August 2004.
Lucietta Palumbo of Pescara and Roccamorice and her parents -Maria and Giuseppe Palumbo (sopranomme - L'African) of Luxembourg and Contrada Gesualdo N'Gambagne, Roccamorice. August 2004
Josie (wife of Bartolomeo Parete) and Concetta Di Donato standing on the Belvedere of Roccamorice with LuLette in Background. Bart Parete photo 2004.
Large area of farmland called Valle Donica in N'Gambagne, Roccamorice. 2004.
A group photo in Lettomanoppello, probably from the early 1960s. Second from the right in the first standing row is Ennio di Pietrantonio, who sent us the photo.  Does anyone know what the occasion was, and who some of the other people are?
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