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Giuseppe (Antonio) Pietrangelo  of Niagara Falls and his sister Antoniella who was married to a DiMatteo. Brother and sister of Connnie's grandma Concetta Pietrangelo.
Connie Brun photo.
Concetta (nee Pietrangelo) D'Alimonte (Connie's grandmother) and children-Donato (lives in Belgium), Maria (Connie's mother) and Agostino D'Alimonte.
Connie Brun photo.
Cesidio D'Alimonte (Lidz)and his son Antonio at Santo Spirito, 1973.
Antonio D'Alimonte photo.
Donato D'Alimonte and wife Rosalina at their grandaughter's wedding in Toronto. Bride is Elvira Simone, daughter of Maria D'Alimonte (Lidz) and Emidio Simone (Scututz)and the groom is Fernando Quattrociocchi.
Connie Brun photo.
Back row- Angiolina Pietrangelo (dau. of Donato -"Fusare") of lu Limite, Lucia Pietrangelo (dau. of Camillo of Fonte Arcione), Lucia D'Alimonte (dau. of Cesidio-"Lidz"),Francesca D'Alimonte (dau. of Giovanni- "Cicchella" and cousin of Lucia), Concetta Pietrangelo(dau of Donato of Fonte Arcione) and Santino Pietrangelo (son of Camillo of Fonte Arcione)

Front Row- ("Fedora"), Antonio Pietrangelo (son of Camillo of Fonte Arcione), Assunta (dau. of "Fedora") and Rocco Pietrangelo (son of Donato of Fonte Arcione).

Photo taken circa 1960 .
Antonio D'Alimonte  photo.
Family of Donato D'Alimonte(Lidz)-
left to right- Fabio (son of Pino and Maria, Marcello (son of Antonio), Gino (son of Donato), Marco (son of Pino and Maria), Iolanda DiPronio-(Iacuppone) ( wife of Donato), Maria Assunta(dau of Donato and wife of Pino), Fiorella (dau of Donato), Donato D'Alimonte and Pino Pesante ( husband of Maria).
Antonio D'Alimonte photo.
Angelina Rosati and husband Camillo Pietrangelo of Fonte Arcione, Roccamorice and Toronto, Canada on their 50th wedding anniversary.
Antonietta (nee Giansante) Costantini, grandmother of Andrea Menna at Santo Spirito in 2001.
Andrea Menna photo.
My maternal grandmother's ( Antoinette DiGiorgio Cafferelli 1900-1987) father Francesco Di Giorgio who was the caretaker of the Chiesa di Santo Spirito. He's pictured with his 3rd wife -name unknown. He used to travel back & forth from Roccamorice to Syracuse where my grandmother was living.Photo probably taken in the 1950's.
Photo from Catherine Burriesci.
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